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In-Tec’s commitment to delivering exceptionally high-quality amenities cleaning will give you complete confidence in your ability to show your team and clients that you care about and value them highly.

Whether you have one or two facilities that need weekly cleaning, or maybe dozens of facilities that need attention at specific times every day, In-Tec can help your Brisbane or South East Queensland based business put its best foot forward.

COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting

To ensure your workplace is Safe Work Australia compliant, we offer COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting services. Click here to learn more about how we can help you keep your employees and customers safe and healthy.

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Our Amenities Cleaning Services


Nothing creates unhappy team members or clients quite like running out of toilet paper, hand towel or soap. In addition to cleaning, we ensure that all of your bathroom essentials are always adequately stocked at the completion of every clean.

Our team can even keep a count of the supplies your business needs so that you, your team and your clients are never left without. To ensure you’re not paying for consumables you don’t need, we’ll only re-order stock to specified inventory levels.  

Our amenities cleaning service includes providing you with an itemised list of consumables on your invoice, allowing you to keep track of what is and isn’t being used.

Waste Removal

Amenities that have bins brimming with waste give your team and clients a very unpleasant impression. We empty all waste receptacles in your bathrooms, replace your bin liners, and even clean the outside of the bin.

Hand Basins

Hand basins are a hot spot for germs to build up in. Our cleaners clean and sanitise hand basins and benches ensuring they are free from bacteria and contaminants.

We also take the time to clean adjacent splashbacks, cabinet doors, and tiles to deliver overall cleanliness to your amenities.

Wall Cleaning

Amenities walls, especially around bins and urinals, are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. They need to be cleaned at least once a week.

Ensuring surfaces like walls are cleaned on a regular basis adds to the overall positive impression your amenities gives.

Floor Cleaning

No matter what type of flooring you have in your amenities, we have industry-leading products and tools to clean it.

We vacuum and mop scrupulously, making sure even corners and floor grates are hygienic.


Tile & Grout Cleaning

Splash marks, smudges and dirty build up need to be cleaned off tiles on a regular basis. In addition, if you want amenities that are comprehensively cleaned, the grout between tiles must also be attended to routinely.


Shower Cleaning

Most people are wary of using showers outside the comfort of their homes, so it is important to make sure your business’ showers are showing the highest standard of cleanliness.

We will clean your showers from the top to the bottom, ensuring your tiles, grout, taps, drains and shower screens are sparkling.

Even if your shower areas have built up soap scum or mildew, our cleaning technicians can bring them up to the best possible standard.

Mirror Cleaning

We use the best window and mirror cleaning products and tools to ensure that your team and clients see a streak-free reflection.

Everything Else

Attention to the small details is a must when it comes to amenities cleaning.

In addition to the usual areas, we also keep your vents, light fixtures, high ledges, pipes and windows spotless.

And we will be the first to let you know if something needs replacing or fixing.


Keepin’ it clean with colour codes

Cross-contamination is one of the biggest risks in the spread of germs.

To guarantee the highest levels of hygiene, our team of cleaners are trained to use colour coded cleaning products, such as micro-fibre cloths, mops and buckets, when cleaning different areas.

For example, yellow is used in kitchen and food preparation areas. Red is used in bathrooms and toilets. Green is used for common areas.

This approach is crucial to ensuring the same cleaning products are never used, for example, on toilet seats and bathroom floors as on kitchen sinks and surfaces, so helping to further prevent the spread of bacteria.

The need for colour coded cleaning is particularly important in hospitals and restaurants, however we believe at In-Tec that this is good practice in any type of business in order to promote excellent hygiene standards.

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Pro Tips

How to get the most value out of your amenities cleaning


Many businesses use refillable dispensers with bulk liquid soap in their amenities. However, when you open these dispensers to top up the soap, you expose the soap to oxygen.  Liquid soap starts to degrade once it is exposed to oxygen and will lose its cleaning power, rendering it highly unhygienic and essentially useless.

We recommend using soap dispensers which utilise sealed bags – or “pods” – of liquid soap which empty under vacuum pressure. Using such dispensers means that the soap will never be exposed to oxygen.

While such soaps dispensers are more expensive, you’ll save money in the long run by keeping germs at bay that can make your employees sick. The good news is that we can get you set up by supplying these soap dispensers free of charge…all you need to do is purchase the soap ongoing.

Toilet Paper

1, 2 or 3 ply toilet paper? It’s a question we get asked about a lot! Here’s our take on it…

If you use 1ply toilet paper in your business to cut costs, you’ll end up paying more in the long run. People are just going to use more of it. Plus, let’s face it, no one likes using 1 ply toilet paper.

In our experience, 3 ply toilet paper is overkill. You actually get less sheets on the roll because it’s thicker. So you’ll use it faster and will need to pay to replace it more often.

2 ply is economical and pleasant to use. Most people can’t tell the different between 2 ply or 3 ply. It’s the “Goldilocks principle” of just right.

Fun fact!

Toilet paper is one of the most stolen consumable items from workplaces. It’s right up there with pens, printer paper and staplers.

There’s a simple way to avoid this – install a “jumbo-roll” toilet paper dispenser in your amenities. They are lockable and make it much harder for people to steal the entire roll.

Plus, people tend to use less when pulling sheets off from a jumbo roll, so they are cost-effective too.

Hand Towels

Just like with toilet paper, the most economical choice for hand towels is 2ply. If it’s too thin, people will just use more sheets. If you’re looking for ways to save on consumable costs – go with interleafed sheets of hand towels from a wall mounted dispenser.
When hand towels are on a roll, people tend to yank on the roll unnecessarily and pull out more than they really need.

Hand Dryers

While hand dryers may “pay off” in the long run compared to the ongoing purchasing of hand towels, they are in fact a much less hygienic option.

Old fashioned air dryers are notorious for spreading germs. They essentially just circulate moist, bacteria air around a bathroom.

Higher quality units are the better choice. But most people are unaware that they have HEPA filters that must be cleaned and changed. If they are not being regularly cleaned, they are not hygienic to use.

Our amenities cleaning auditing process

To ensure our three founding principles – Quality, Honesty and Service – are the focus of every cleaning job we complete, we have developed a comprehensive and ongoing auditing process for all of our clients.

Our Operations Management team are responsible for conducting regular on-site audits. During these audits we will meet with you personally to inspect your workplace after it has been cleaned to make sure that all protocols are being followed and that we are delivering on the promised scope.

Depending on how many cleans you usually require each month, we may conduct these audits once a week, once a month, bi-monthly or three monthly. This schedule can be changed depending on your needs. Each audit usually takes around 15 – 30 minutes.

Our audits are definitely not a “tick and flick” type of deal. Because we know your business, each audit is customised to your specific workplace.

If there are any issues with the standard of cleaning you have been receiving or we identify ways that we could improve our level of service, we will work with our cleaners to rectify any problems.

We use a grading system in our audits and if anything scores below a 90%, one of the Operations Management team will be on site with our cleaner at your next clean to make SURE it is done properly.

Our Operations Management team will conduct more frequent auditing until our level of service has once again exceeded your expectations.

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