Case Studies

    Commercial Cleaning Case Study – Strathlink

    About Strathlink

    Strathlink is a commercial business complex in Brendale on the North Side of Brisbane. There are upwards of 30 businesses at the complex representing a range of industries including retail, medical and accounting as well as a call centre. 

    Strathlink features a number of common areas which the body corporate is responsible for managing. These include a waiting area, carpeted hallways and tiled stairs. While most tenants have their own toilets, there are two amenities in the common area for shared use. Outside there is a smoker’s area and a bin area. There is also a car park for tenants and visitors to use which consists of 290 carparks.

    The problem

    Prior to engaging In-Tec, the common and outside areas at Strathlink were not being regularly cleaned and maintained. This led to the complex looking somewhat neglected, particularly the car park, which had not been properly cleaned in around 2 years. The windows had also never been cleaned.

    This was creating a poor first impression to visitors of the complex. Tenants were concerned that the appearance of the complex was reflecting badly on their businesses to potential customers.

    The body corporate realised the need to address this problem and approached In-Tec for a solution. 

    How we’ve helped
    In-Tec recognised that the body corporate is made up of busy people who just want to “get things taken care of.” After scoping out the complex and putting together a detailed cleaning schedule, we are now contracted to clean the common areas 5 days a week. This includes daily vacuuming, amenities cleaning, rubbish removal and cleaning of the tiled stairs. The car park also gets a “pick and blow” once a week to keep it looking tidy. 

    We also perform periodical deep cleaning tasks such as carpet steam cleaning, pressure cleaning the car park, window washing as well as deep cleaning the wheelie bins. These periodical tasks are routinely completed as per an agreed upon schedule to ensure things don’t fall through the cracks. 

    Going the extra mile
    For the past 5 years, we’ve developed an excellent working relationship with the Strathlink body corporate. So much so, we’re happy to go above and beyond the cleaning duties we’re contracted to perform. 

    For example, because our cleaning team is on site 5 days a week, they are quick to notice any maintenance problems such as a leaking tap or a blown light bulb. When they do spot such an issue, they will notify body corporate, they won’t just leave it for someone else to deal with. If the issue is easy to fix, our operations team can often step in to take care of it. This saves the body corporate the hassle of arranging for it to be fixed by someone else. 

    We’ve also been contracted by the body corporate to perform some line marking work in the car park which has further improved the appearance of the complex. 

    With In-Tec on the case, the Strathlink business complex looks clean and inviting every day of the year and small maintenance tasks are taken care of quickly.