Commercial Cleaning Services Brisbane and South East Queensland

We can clean as much or as little as you need

Your commercial business will always be able to put its best foot forward by engaging a regular, fully managed commercial cleaning service.

Here at In-Tec, our commercial cleaning services are more comprehensive than typical “office cleaning”. We offer cleaning solutions to the following larger scale commercial workplaces in Brisbane and South East Queensland:

  • Multi-level businesses
  • Industrial warehouses with attached offices
  • Car dealerships
  • Childcare centres
  • Body corporate properties
  • Medical centres
  • Gyms
  • And more

Some commercial businesses opt to use a basic contract cleaning service. However, the actual cleaning services performed are often minimal.

A quick vacuum, emptying of the rubbish and a wipe-down of the kitchen counters at the end of the week isn’t going to keep your premises clean for long. Dirt, grime and dust quickly builds up in commercial workplaces. These need to be dealt with regularly to keep your workspace fresh and free of allergens.

Professional and experienced commercial cleaners have all the right skills and cleaning techniques to ensure your workplace meets the highest standards of cleanliness.

Commercial Cleaning Services

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We work behind-the-scenes and out of sight, maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your property without getting in the way of your team, workflow or daily operations.

Our range of commercial cleaning services includes:

  • Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping
  • Sanitising and disinfecting
  • Kitchen and amenities cleaning
  • General office cleaning
  • Windows, tiles, vinyl, carpets
  • Rubbish disposal
  • Managing consumables and restocking supplies
  • Hygiene services (sanitary units)
  • External high pressure cleaning

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What are the benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service?

Happier Employees – regular, professional cleaning will create a tidy and comfortable workplace for your team to enjoy, thereby increasing staff morale and productivity.

Healthier Employees – with less germs in the workplace, the risk of sickness spreading among your team is greatly reduced, so you can expect to deal with fewer sick days. 

Saves you Time and Stress – the worry of keeping your workplace clean is taken out of your hands, saving you time and the hassle of arranging for the cleaning to be done internally by yourself or your employees.

Enhances your Image – a clean and tidy workplace will always create a great first impression for your customers and clients.

Overhead Costs are Reduced – you’ll save on overhead costs as your expensive electronic equipment, such as computers, copiers and communications systems, will always be kept clean and free of grime, thereby increasing their service life significantly. Your carpets will also last longer as they will be routinely maintained.

Fully managed commercial cleaning service vs basic contract cleaning service

Unlike with a basic contract cleaning service where a random rotation of cleaners “show up” to clean your workplace, a fully managed commercial cleaning service includes a management team overseeing their team of cleaners to guarantee that a high level of service and quality is always maintained. 

With such a service, you’ll be able to liaise with the management team who has a “big picture” understanding of how you want things done at your premises. Regular cleaners will be assigned to your workplace who will be trained specifically on what needs to be done and how often.

Management will work to routinely monitor, manage and train their cleaners to ensure continuous improvement. And if your regular team of cleaners is sick, management will arrange a replacement so your workplace is never left unclean.

What to look for in a reputable commercial cleaning company

Experience — you want a team of cleaners and management who know what they are doing and have been in the industry for more than a few years.

No sham contracting – some cleaning companies use sham contracting when hiring cleaners to avoid paying them their full entitlements. Cleaners should always be hired as full employees for the company they work for and not treated as contractors.

High attention to detail – cleaners should leave your premises as if THEY would want to work there and will try not to leave a trace behind. They won’t just “do the minimum” and will take that one last look around before they leave the room.

People are treated right – a family owned business who takes an active involvement in the day to day operations will encourage their cleaners to take pride in their work and will treat them with respect.

Takes ownership – if there’s an issue with the standard of cleaning or there are things being missed, you want a company who will put up their hand to take ownership and not make excuses. They will work to remedy any issues quickly and get things back on track.  

Our commercial cleaning process

We want to know EXACTLY what you require from us in terms of commercial cleaning services so you only ever pay for what you need.

To ensure we completely understand the scope of work you need us to perform, one of our Operations team members will meet with you at your workplace to conduct an initial walk-through and discuss your needs before providing a detailed scope and outline of costs.

During this no obligation initial walk-through, we’ll chat with you to get to know what works for your business and discuss some key points such as:

  • What would you like to see when you first come into your workplace after it’s been cleaned? What are your expectations?
  • What type of cleaning services do you need/not need?
  • How many times a week do you feel you would require cleaning?
  • What area/s of your workplace need to be cleaned and what area/s don’t.
  • What times/days would suit your business to arrange for our cleaners to come in? We can easily arrange after hours cleaning and handle security logistics if required.

Once we’ve completed this walk-through, we’ll draw up your detailed scope of works and outline of costs. If you decide to proceed, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get started on inducting a dedicated cleaner or team of cleaners to complete your regular commercial cleaning requirements.

As part of our fully managed service offering, one of our Operations team members will stay and supervise your first three cleans to guarantee our cleaners get the job done perfectly and don’t miss any minor details.

You’ll also be given a key point of contact so that you’ll always be able to get in touch with someone from the In-Tec team.

Our cleaners will bring all of the cleaning products and supplies to complete each clean, so you don’t have to provide anything. However, we are happy to use any cleaning products that you stipulate if your business has to adhere to specific standards or corporate guidelines.

Our commercial cleaning auditing process

To ensure our three founding principles – Quality, Honesty and Service – are the focus of every cleaning job we complete, we have developed a comprehensive and ongoing auditing process for all of our clients.

Our Operations team are responsible for conducting regular on-site audits. During these audits we will meet with you personally to inspect your workplace after it has been cleaned to make sure that all protocols are being followed and that we are delivering on the promised scope.

Depending on how many cleans you usually require each month, we may conduct these audits once a week, once a fortnight or once a month. Each audit usually takes around 15 – 30 minutes.

Our audits are definitely not a “tick and flick” type of deal. Because we know your business, each audit is customised to your specific workplace.

If there are any issues with the standard of cleaning you have been receiving or we identify ways that we could improve our level of service, we will work with our cleaners to rectify any problems.

We use a grading system in our audits and if anything scores below a 90%, our Operations Manager will be on site with our cleaner at your next clean to make SURE it is done properly.

Our Operations team will conduct more frequent auditing until our level of service has once again exceeded your expectations.


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