SE QLD Commercial Cleaning

We can clean as much or as little as you want

Our highly trained team are able to tackle all cleaning tasks, and all of our services are quality assured so that your premises are looking the best they can. We are committed to delivering thorough and high-quality commercial cleaning, so your business can always put its best foot forward.

So whether you require a specific area clean or all of your building maintained, we will work with you to produce a tailored cleaning programme to not only meet your needs but delight you with the end result.

Our trained and experienced commercial team of cleaners are, in our opinion, some of the best. The entire team at In-Tec are proud to provide a fully customised service that focuses on our three founding principles: Quality, Honesty and Service, each and every time.

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Programme Commercial Cleaning

At In-Tec, no commercial space is too big or too small for our attention. We have a large range of commercial cleaning services that can be tailored to your specific requirements, so that you only ever pay for what you need.

Our experienced team are committed to delivering a clean, safe and healthy working environment with our commercial cleaning service. From the initial property assessment right through to our ongoing Quality Assurance, our approach is always professional and thorough to build an open, honest and trusting relationship.

Caitlin, Gabrielle, Jeffrey, our Management team, will look after your account and will always make sure you’re informed and kept in the loop about the condition of your property and the cleaning service it requires. They’ll also provide you with regular updates, as well as immediate attention round the clock and real solutions when and where you need them.

We work behind-the-scenes and out of sight, maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your property without getting in the way of your team, workflow or daily operations.

  • Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping
  • Sanitising and disinfecting
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Amenities cleaning
  • General office cleaning
  • Periodical cleaning of carpets, tiles, vinyl and glass
  • Rubbish removal
  • External high pressure cleaning
  • And much more!

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Thorough Cleaning Methods and Quality Products

At In-Tec, we care about our customers and the environment, and we use only specially sourced cleaning products and proven cleaning methods. We are dedicated to fostering healthy and safe work facilities through extensively trained staff, thorough sanitation and non-toxic cleaning products.

To prevent the spread of bacteria and maintain a germ-free environment we recommend the Stabilised Aqueous Ozone system – the only chemical free system that also sanitises. At sites where this is not practical we use safe, natural and effective cleaning products and methods that contain fewer additives, biodegrade cleanly and result in much less waste than standard cleaning chemicals and methods.

Our passion and care for our people and our planet are what drives us to source and develop cleaning products and methods that will deliver optimum results, while always keeping your health and safety as our top priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions about our commercial cleaning services. If you have another question that hasn’t been answered here, please contact the team directly on 07 3490 9300 or fill out the enquiry form on this page. We will be happy to help you out!

Do you clean my area?

We happily service the entire Queensland South East area. Please contact us if you’re not sure if your area is covered.

Can you provide a quote for our cleaning services?

Yes! We provide no-obligation, free quotes. We could provide a rough quote over the phone, but experience has taught us that this is not the way to go. For an accurate quote we’ll need to see your property in person.

How long will it take to clean my commercial facility?

Every commercial facility is different and will require different services, so the time to clean each space will vary.

Do I need to provide the cleaning equipment and products?

No, we provide all the necessary cleaning products and supplies when we arrive to clean your facility – even the garbage bags.

Are your cleaning chemicals safe?

Yes, we use only natural and non-toxic cleaning chemicals to ensure your working environment remains safe, clean and hygienic.

Does someone need to be there while you are cleaning?

Our cleaning staff only require entry into the facility – you do not need to be there while they are cleaning. Most of the sites we service are after hours and we are trusted with the relevant keys and alarm codes. Our staff are chosen for their professionalism, trustworthiness and ability, and follow stringent sign-in/sign-out processes to ensure access is kept to the times allocated.