Office Cleaning

If there’s one business space that requires constant cleanliness and tidiness, it’s your office

Over the last two decades, In-Tec has helped companies keep their offices and commercial spaces clean, ensuring that both your team members and clients enjoy a safe and comfortable work environment. As one of the leading office cleaning companies based in SE QLD, you can be assured of a prompt, reliable service at all times. We can provide a fully customised cleaning programme to suit your company’s needs and can confidently say that we can accommodate any special cleaning requirements you may have.

In-Tec is aware of the competitive aspect in the business world, and we understand that a presentable office is essential for the success and representation of your business.

We will deliver a consistent, reliable and dependable quality service to each and every one of our clients. The key to our cleaning service is communication: we listen to your expectations and invite you to give us regular feedback on your work.

Our Clients

Our team of office cleaners in SE QLD can clean a wide variety of offices and workplaces, including both commercial and non-commercial environments.

We can and do clean:

  • Corporate offices
  • Commercial areas
  • Common areas
  • Amenities
  • Government offices
  • Schools and education centres
  • Real estate offices
  • Warehouses and wholesale offices
  • Building sites
  • And much more!

With our depth of experience and our extraordinary customer service, we’re undoubtedly one of your top choices when it comes to office cleaning services in the SE QLD area. Contact us today to get a quote or send through an enquiry.

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Our Cleaning Services

As one of the leading commercial cleaning services in SE QLD, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of cleaning activities and services to accommodate almost anything you may need for your office. Some of our typical cleaning services include:

  • Regular servicing of office areas
  • Regular servicing of amenities
  • Regular servicing of kitchens and lunchrooms including items such as microwaves and internal of fridges
  • Waste removal – internal and external
  • Window cleaning – internal and external
  • Deep carpet cleaning using the latest methods – steam
  • Deep scrub of hard floors including grout
  • Strip and seal of vinyl floors
  • Deep scrub and polish of highly polished tiles
  • Deep clean and disinfection of amenities
  • Detail clean and polish of whiteboards

If your office requires more specialised cleaning activities, just let us know and we’ll be able to work out a solution for your needs.

Our Approach

These days, you’ll find a multitude of cleaning companies on the market. But like any other service industry, not every choice is the same. At In-Tec, we differentiate ourselves by providing a service that’s embedded in our three core values: HONESTY, QUALITY and SERVICE. We pair these core values with the following features that have become the hallmarks of our service.

Open communication

We believe that every relationship is a two-way street. If you want to get the best service and the most value for your money, then we always have to be on the same page. That’s why we build open and honest communications with you from the very beginning, ensuring that you’ll never be in the dark when you work with us, and you’ll always get updates whenever you need them.

We’ll always be honest with you – even if it drops us in the proverbial. This open and honest communication is what has made us one of the leading office cleaning companies in the SE QLD region throughout the past two decades.

Quality Assurance

We constantly monitor our cleaners and the standard they deliver to enable us to give you the assurance that the quality you expected is delivered to you.

Genuine care for people and environment

Although the main goal is to make a profit no matter what industry we are in, we all also need to do our utmost to protect both the people we interact with as well as the environment we all live in. With this in mind, our team of cleaners is committed to using techniques and products that minimise environmental harm and impact.

What can a clean office do for your business?

If your business is like most other businesses today, then your office is practically your second home. In fact, chances are you and your team will spend as much time at the office – if not more – than your own home.

As this is most likely the case, this is reason enough to make sure that your office remains clean and organised. You should do this not just for the sake of appearance but also to improve your business as a whole. Here are some points of what a clean office can do for your business:

Competitive Advantage

There’s no doubt that a clean office is more likely to make your team feel happier, content and therefore more productive. If the business premises also simultaneously serves as your team’s base and you get clients visiting from time to time, then the more comfortable you make your team and clients feel in your office, the more likely you’ll gain their loyalty and patronage.

A clean office also exudes professionalism and attention to detail – two qualities that any company can benefit from no matter what industry it is in. This professionalism inspires productivity from your team and better reception from your clients, making it a distinct competitive advantage for any business.

Safer and Healthier Workplace

When it comes to making your workplace safer, there are few solutions that can make an impact as quickly and noticeably as making sure that it’s clean and organised. A clean office reduces the amount of rubbish and stray materials that can pose dangers to the workplace.

As you may already know, accidents and harmful incidents don’t always result from extreme situations. A misplaced object lying on the floor, a small puddle left unattended, uncollected food scraps in the bins – all these can lead to potential harm to your team. By keeping your office clean and organised, you’ll provide a safer workplace for your team; one that will less likely cause them harm or illness because of a dirty environment.

Simply put, a clean office is a safer and healthier office.

Increased Productivity

It’s easy to understand why a clean and organised office inspires productivity among your team. Not only does it provide a more comfortable work atmosphere, but it also fosters more seamless workflows and smoother interactions amongst the team.

With a clean office, you won’t have to worry about the obstructions and disruptions that dirty offices are notorious for. Instead, you’ll have a workplace with minimal distractions and issues, allowing you and your team to focus more on the tasks ahead.