Car Dealership

“Being a prestige motor vehicle dealership, our presentation to our current and potential owners is paramount. With In-Tec Commercial Cleaning, I never have to worry about how the dealership will be presented when we open our doors in the morning.

Being in this industry for over 20 years, I have seen quite a few dealerships, and there were always issues with the quality of the cleaning. The attention to detail from the In-Tec team is outstanding. I have not once had to make a complaint about the standard of their work.

I can highly recommend In-Tec to anyone looking for worry free commercial cleaning on any scale.”

Tony Doulman, Sales Manager, Lexus Brisbane

Accounting Office

“We first contacted In-Tec around 25 years ago when we realised our business had expanded to the point that we didn’t have the time to keep cleaning our offices ourselves.  I’ve honestly never had any reason to switch to another cleaning company since hiring In-Tec way back then.

In-Tec presently cleans our 750 sqm commercial office space twice a week. Paul and the cleaning team are sticklers for details which is something I appreciate. Our offices always look great and things are kept neat and tidy.

A cleaning company is only as good as the actual cleaners, and the cleaners are only as good as the processes and procedures involved. While there are rarely any issues to report on, we do have an issues log. If not quickly dealt with by the cleaners, the In-Tec management team are very responsive to concerns to ensure the issues are quickly resolved. The log allows for the channels of communication to always be open with In-Tec and there is the expectation of a high level of accountability.

You don’t keep the same cleaning company for 25 years without having experienced excellent service from a business where you can deal with the owners. The level of professionalism In-Tec delivers really speaks for itself.”

Shaun Reeves, Director, SRJ Walker Wayland


Consultancy Office

“I’ve been a client of In-Tec Commercial Cleaning for over 10 years across multiple different premises and I would highly recommend them to any business. Over the years, I have used In-Tec for common area cleaning on behalf of body corporate for a 36-unit business complex.

In the consultancy industry, there is a need to present your business to potential customers in a highly professional light. First impressions always matter. A big part of maintaining this reputation is having a clean, tidy and organised place of business. Paul and his team truly understand the importance of this. Whenever I enter our current office, I’m always confident that the areas In-Tec are contracted to keep clean will be cleaned to the highest possible standard. I never have to worry about things not being in order when clients visit.

In-Tec are highly efficient and detail orientated in everything they do. If there are any problems with the quality of the cleaning work, they are addressed very quickly.

Our long standing relationship with In-Tec is testament to their excellent service, professionalism and reliability.”

Rod, Director, Claim Assistance Bureau

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Car Dealership

“For me, the three most important things when choosing a cleaning company is value for money, the quality of the cleaning and trust. Trust is especially key. When you’re handing over the keys to a dealership with millions of dollars worth of cars inside, you need to be able to completely trust the cleaning company and their crew.

As a customer of In-Tec for 16+ years, I can definitely say I have full trust and confidence in Paul and his team.

Their level of service has been consistently high over time and their quality assurance process goes far beyond a simple “tick or a cross” on a clipboard.

When a cleaning company is doing a great job, you almost don’t notice. It’s when things aren’t being cleaned properly that you do start to notice. With In-Tec, the cleaning crew always do such good work. Keeping the dealership clean is just something I don’t have to worry about. 

If something isn’t quite right. They are on to it straight away. No hassles.

I get calls once or twice a month from other cleaning companies offering their services at cheaper prices. But it’s always an easy choice to stay with In-Tec because I can rely on them to do the job properly and keep the dealership looking spotless.”

Julian, Dealer PrincipalMount Gravatt Mazda


Commercial Property 

“I’ve known Paul and the team at In-Tec for quite a while and I’ve got nothing but praise for the work they do. Paul’s a real perfectionist and runs a great business.

We currently contract In-Tec to clean the common areas (car parks, halls etc.) of a 17-unit complex. In-Tec have been cleaning this space for around 6 years and we’re always happy to renew the contract. They’re big on following processes and are really focused on helping you out and making things as easy as possible.

I’ve worked in commercial real estate for a long time and I’ve seen a lot of buildings which are badly presented and maintained. This has a huge impact on people’s first impressions and can also cause tenants to become fed up and want to leave.

I don’t have to worry about that being the case with In-Tec. With the common areas always being kept spic and span, all my tenants are kept happy too.”

David Bright, Industrial North Specialist, McGees Property Brisbane

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