From humble beginnings, the In-Tec story began over 20 years ago

Early Days at In-Tec

In the early years, In-Tec was quick to establish itself as one of the cleaning companies SE QLD businesses rely on for exceptional service.

Soon after In-Tec’s inception, Woolworths Ashgrove signed on as Paul and Anne’s first contract.

As soon as the business started flowing, it didn’t stop. Less than a month after In-Tec took on Woolworths Ashgrove they were awarded their next supermarket contract – Woolworths Alexandra Hills.

The Browns Plains and Capalaba Woolworths stores followed soon after. Landing these two contracts was a big deal for the fledgling business. At the time, both of these supermarkets were the only newly built stores that Woolworths had constructed in a long time, and the pressure was on to set and keep the standards high.

Needless to say, Woolworths were impressed and before In-Tec finished its first year in business it had four supermarket contracts to its name. From there In-Tec continued to grow, starting work for several more supermarkets across the Woolworths and Coles brands and earning a Woolworths Contractor of the Year Award along the way.

By utilising superior cleaning products imported from overseas, the first few years of In-Tec’s existence set a new benchmark for the standard of service to achieve in supermarket cleaning.

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Diversifying Our Services

As time went on and the business developed, In-Tec started to expand its offering to include the commercial cleaning of offices and industrial plants.

When it comes to commercial cleaning companies that SE QLD businesses rely on to stay clean, In-Tec has a track record to be proud of. In fact, the very first commercial office contract that In-Tec acquired, Multispares QLD, is still a valued client to this day.

Of course, as with all businesses, In-Tec has seen some customers come and go. Some have left for reasons outside of our control, and some have left through a failure in the service delivery by In-Tec. Our mistakes are something that we are open and honest about – after all, if you don’t acknowledge your faults how will you ever progress?

We’ve come a long way from where we started and learned many lessons along the way – as all businesses built from the ground up do. In-Tec has now been in business for 20+ years and the mix of clients we currently service ranges from health care sector facilities to major and minor office buildings through to gyms. In-Tec prides itself on delivering the same honesty, quality and high level of service to all of our clients, regardless of the size of their account.


Meet the In-Tec Management Team

Caitlin – Operations Manager

Caitlin has been a part of the In-Tec team since 2012. Starting as the office junior, she worked tirelessly to progress to the level she is at today. Her level of commitment is shown by her broad knowledge of all aspects that keep the business running, from cleaning techniques through to quality control and marketing.

Caitlin’s biggest achievement to date is developing the team that delivers such a high level of cleaning standards to all our clients. Caitlin is also extremely proud to constantly be able to assist 7 Eleven in the presentation of new and refurbished stores.

Gabrielle – Finance Manager

Gabrielle first started working for In-Tec at the tender age of 17. She quickly absorbed the different administration tasks and procedures and worked tirelessly in an effort to constantly improve the administration side of the business.

After working for In-Tec for six years, Gabrielle left to pursue other career possibilities and also to become a mum. In late 2017, Gabrielle rejoined the In-Tec family and picked up where she left off – a testament to Gabrielle’s ability.

Jeffrey – Operations

Jeffrey joined the In-Tec team in early 2019. He is qualified in structural landscaping however the cleaning industry was calling his name. He works alongside Caitlin to ensure the In-Tec standard is always delivered.

You can find Jeffrey liaising with clients regularly and monitoring our cleaners onsite. He is also not afraid of getting his hands dirty as he performs most of our periodical cleaning work for our clients. 

Meet the Founders

Anne – Financial Director 

Anne, the co-founder of In-Tec, is a qualified accountant who looks over all the administration and accounting tasks for the company. Anne is a guiding force for the whole team, who often look to her for assistance and advice. As one of the founders, Anne has driven In-Tec to always be better, and to always live up to the founding principles of Honesty, Quality and Service.

After working tirelessly for over 24 years at the helm of accounts, Anne has finally taken the step into semi-retirement. She is very passionate about quilting, stitching and being “ya-ya” to her beautiful granddaughter Lorelai, Gabrielle’s daughter.

Paul – Managing Director 

Paul is the entrepreneurial mind behind In-Tec. One thing has always motivated Paul: happy clients. If In-Tec commits to deliver a standard, then Paul will do everything he can to ensure that benchmark is met.

Paul is passionate about looking after his team, especially the cleaning team as this is where he started in the industry himself. However after 24 years, Paul has now been able to step back and work on the business rather than in the business. He is still an extremely valued mentor to Caitlin, Gabrielle & Jeffrey who make up the In-Tec Management Team.

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Meet some of our team members

Slawomir Malecki

Slawomir has been a dedicated cleaner for In-Tec for over 15 years. He’s an incredibly valued part of our team and over the years he’s become like a family member. 

His greatest strengths are his reliability and willingness to work hard. Slawomir is always up for a good chat and loves to catch up with everyone around our office and the clients he cleans for.

He enjoys listening to music and has a keen appreciation for art.

David Walpole

David joined In-Tec in June 2016 and brings a much-valued sense of determination to his role as a hearing impaired individual.

He has impeccable attention to detail and has become a great addition to our team.  In his spare time, David loves working around the house and spending time with his loyal dog, Saint.

Lally Singh

Lally is another of our loyal team members and joined In-Tec back in July 2016.

He stands out for his strong work ethic and always being willing to assist with the training of new team members. Lally is a real cricket buff and enjoys going to the movies with his friends and family. 

Sangay Phuntsho and Chenga Zangmo

Sangay and Chenga are two of our most recent team members, joining In-Tec in May 2019.

This dynamic duo has vast experience in both domestic and commercial cleaning, making them excellent additions to our crew. Sangay’s hobbies include photography and blogging whilst Chenga likes to listen to music and watch movies to relax.

Get in Touch

The team at In-Tec is available to assist any client with any matter at any time. If you are an existing client we value your feedback and would love to know how satisfied you are with our services.

If you are considering hiring In-Tec for your cleaning needs, we would be delighted to welcome you as a client. There are many cleaning companies Brisbane and South East Queensland businesses can choose from, but we are confident that when you choose In-Tec you won’t be disappointed.

To get in touch with us, please call the team on 07 3490 9300.

Or you can email us at meettheteam@in-tec.com.au.