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There's a frequently overlooked key to your cleaning happiness. Curious?

Help your environment

Eco-friendly cleaning for your business

Sustainable cleaning solutions for your planet and people

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Skip the chemicals

Sustainable and effective cleaning for your workplace

It’s time to put toxic chemicals out of business. Forget using bleach and other traditional cleaning chemicals that aren’t safe for your employees or the environment. Start using chemical-free solutions that reduce air and water pollution and help fight climate change. 

It only takes a few small changes to ensure that your business's cleaning methods have a minimal impact on our environment.

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Do your part

Sustainable cleaning is healthier and safer for you and the planet

From the health of your employees and clients to your business's ecological footprint, green cleaning reduces pollutants in the environment. 

No more nasty chemicals entering our waterways or exposure to adverse health effects.

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Solutions for you

Eco-friendly cleaning products and methods for your business

It's time to help the environment and keep your workplace safe. And there’s no better way to do this than by using chemical-free or enzyme-based cleaning solutions. But it doesn’t stop there. The equipment and techniques your cleaners use also matters.

Make your choice

Your sustainable cleaning options

Find out how each green cleaning system will help your workplace be more sustainable and ultimately, pick the right one for you.

All five of these systems are real, and yes, they do work!






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Learn why disposable microfibre cloths are the ultimate cleaning tool

Have you ever considered whether the cloths your cleaners use are sustainable for the environment?

If you look around, most cleaners use launderable microfibre cloths to clean surfaces in a workplace. When in fact, disposable microfibre actually cleans better and is environmentally friendly!

But how will I know whether disposable microfibre cloths are the best option for my site?

Download the guide to find out!

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Start the conversation

Take the first step toward a more sustainable workplace

If you’re ready to do your part for the planet, simply schedule a call and a member of our team will be in touch. 

We’ll make the process simple, but we’ll also promise to be thorough and transparent.

Let’s Talk Cleaning.

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