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3 Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Green Commercial Cleaner

Green cleaning is now a necessary feature of any commercial cleaning service. In-Tec Commercial Cleaning Brisbane explains why you need a green...

3 min read


5 Ways a Commercial Cleaning Company Improves Workplace Productivity

Did you know that a clean workspace is essential for an employee's productivity? In this article, we will look at the 5 ways a commercial cleaning...

7 min read


6 Common Mistakes When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service

Looking at hiring a cleaning service but don’t want to make a mistake and choose the wrong one? We explore the 6 common mistakes people make when...

6 min read


6 Signs Your Commercial Cleaner is Doing a Good Job

Have you ever wondered what the tell-tale signs are that your commercial cleaner is doing a good job? In this article, we will explore the 6 proofs...

8 min read


Commercial Amenities Cleaning Task List

Are you looking to find out what tasks are involved in amenities cleaning? Or, how a commercial cleaner cleans washrooms? You're in luck. This...

11 min read


How In-Tec is Helping You Create Safer Workspaces

Are you ready to return to your workplaces? Planning is crucial. In-Tec is able to advise you and help you ensure that your sites are safe to...

2 min read


How Much Do Commercial Cleaning Companies Pay Their Employees?

Have you ever wondered how much a reputable cleaning service pays its employees? In this article, we will explore what factors drive the price of...

7 min read


How much do large sites pay to be cleaned 5 times a week?

Are you looking to have your large site cleaned 5 times a week but really want to know how much it’ll cost you first? This case study goes through 3...

5 min read


How much do mid-sized sites pay to be cleaned 3 times a week?

Thinking about hiring a commercial cleaning service for your medium-size site but have no clue how much it’ll cost? This case study answers that...

5 min read