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5 benefits of adopting sustainable cleaning products in your workplace

March 6th, 2020 | 5 min. read

5 benefits of adopting sustainable cleaning products in your workplace

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Sustainable cleaning, eco-friendly cleaning, green cleaning….whatever you want to call it, there’s been a significant increase in the number of businesses adopting environmentally conscious cleaning products in recent years. 

Globally, billions of litres of chemicals and supplies are used for cleaning purposes each year. The results of this is that between 80,000 and 140,000 chemical contaminants from cleaning products can be found in our wastewater.

With so much world-wide concern about climate change and the negative impacts our modern way of life is having on the environment, it’s not surprising that businesses are realising the importance of making a difference. 

All kinds of workplaces, from corporate offices to medical practices to industrial warehouses, have begun to introduce mandatory policies to adopt green cleaning alternatives as just one way to their carbon footprint. 

But the benefits of sustainable cleaning go beyond that of helping the environment. There are also monetary advantages to consider as well as increasing the health and happiness of your employees. 

In this blog post, we take a quick look at 5 benefits of adopting sustainable cleaning products in your workplace. 

How often should you clean your workspace

1 - It’s better for the health and comfort of your employees

One of the main benefits experienced by businesses who adopt green cleaning measures is the positive impact it has on employees. Exposure to some traditional cleaning chemicals has been shown to be detrimental to human health, with some popular cleaning products linked to skin irritation, allergic reactions and asthma.

Furthermore, cleaning supplies such as bleach leave behind strong smells which can be unpleasant for employees to have to work in and can also cause headaches and light-headedness.

Unfortunately, many people tend to believe that because traditional cleaning products leave a strong odour after being used, they clean 'better' than eco-friendly products which are generally low odour or completely odourless. 

It’s important to note that strong smelling cleaning products do not remove odour molecules. The odour molecules are still there. Your nose just can’t perceive them because you smell the chemical product instead.

If your workplace bathroom or kitchen is truly clean, there should be little to no smell at all. Green cleaning products such as Enviro Plus replace bad bacteria with beneficial good microbes. The microbes work to clean, refresh, eliminate organic waste build up and deodorise by successfully destroying the source of unpleasant odours. Such products are better for the health and comfort of your employees. 

2 - Less chemicals are released into the environment

Whenever a cleaner uses harsh chemicals to clean your workplace, the chemicals inevitably get flushed down sink, floor and toilet drains and released into the environment. These substances are having a terrible impact on our waterways, air, soil and wildlife.

The problem is that many of the chemicals used in cleaning products are still yet to be tested for safety and subsequently the full extent of their impact on the environment is relatively unknown. However, what is clearly understood, is that the pollutants within these chemical compounds will either take a very long time to degrade or in some cases, will not break down at all. This not only makes water sources unsafe for drinking and other uses, but it also kills organisms that live in the water which are essential for maintaining the natural ecosystem.

By engaging cleaners who use environmentally-friendly cleaning products, your business is playing an important role in reducing the negative effects traditional cleaning products have on our environment. This is an opportunity to not only lessen your carbon footprint, but also to support the sustainability of our waterways.

One way to be sure that the cleaning products being used in your workplace are environmentally friendly is to use GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) approved products. GECA is committed to certifying cleaning products which limit substances harmful to aquatic environments and promote increased biodegradability.

3 - Less packaging waste
 ends up in landfill 

Due to the dangerous and corrosive chemicals within, many traditional cleaning products are packaged in single-use plastic bottles which cannot be properly recycled. Only 5% of plastic produced globally is ever recycled. Just think about how many bottles of toilet cleaner or general purpose spray your workplace goes through and how many of those bottles end up in landfill or swirling around in the ocean. 

Conversely, as green cleaning agents aren’t corrosive, they can be packaged using environmentally-friendly materials which are then able to be recycled more easily when disposed of. Some brands also offer biodegradable or reusable packaging. 

A stand out green cleaning product which is designed to limit packaging waste is Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) cleaning.  SAO cleaning is one of the most eco-friendly cleaning systems available. It is a safe, high performing, chemical free cleaner and sanitiser. In fact, it works 3000 times faster and is 50% stronger than bleach. It also kills 99.99% of germs, including dangerous bacteria like E. coli, salmonella, MRSA, C-difficile and more.

Through the use of a patented SAO dispenser, cold tap water is infused with ozone to dispense stabilised aqueous ozone on the spot. The aqueous ozone solution is easily transferred for use in spray bottles, mop buckets, floor cleaners and auto scrubbers. The reusable dispenser means your workplace will use significantly less single-use bottles of wasteful cleaning products, thereby further reducing your carbon footprint.

4 - It’s better for the people using them

Without toxic chemicals involved, cleaning doesn’t have to be a dangerous task. In the right concentration with water, green cleaning products are just as effective as chemical cleaners. This means there’s no need for your cleaners to worry about inhaling toxic fumes or protecting their skin with thick gloves.

People in regular contact with chemicals can experience ‘build up’ which means they can experience skin problems and other health issues after years of exposure. Your cleaners will appreciate not being exposed to such harsh formulations. This will improve their health and happiness, making them more productive and better at their job. 


5 - It won’t cost your business any extra money 

You may be reading this thinking: This all sounds great, but how much is this eco-friendly cleaning going to cost me?

Greener doesn’t mean more expensive. 
Many businesses mistakenly assume that green cleaning is a premium service beyond their financial reach. However, in reality it is far more cost-effective than most people realise. 

Many green cleaning products are just as, if not more, cost-effective than their traditional counterparts. This, coupled with the public’s increasing appetite for green services means that they can be secured at a surprisingly competitive price.

Another way green cleaning can actually be more cost effective is the fact that cleaners do not need to undergo additional training in order to be able to handle harsh chemicals. No spare care or equipment is required to use sustainable cleaning products. Many cleaning companies will pass on this cost saving to clients. 

How often should you clean your workspace
Thinking of making the switch to sustainable cleaning in your workplace?

We all want to work in a pleasant, clean space. It only takes a few small adjustments to ensure that your business’ cleaning methods have a minimal impact on our environment. 

In-Tec Commercial Cleaning is proud to offer eco-friendly cleaning services to businesses large and small all across Brisbane and South East Queensland. To learn more, simply click here to get in touch.