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There's a frequently overlooked key to your cleaning happiness. Curious?

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Workplace Productivity

5 Ways a Commercial Cleaning Company Improves Workplace Productivity

July 21st, 2021 | 7 min. read

5 Ways a Commercial Cleaning Company Improves Workplace Productivity

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Many people may turn their heads when they hear that a clean workplace is imperative for an employee’s productivity. Why is this? Well, at first, it may seem odd that a clean workspace has such an influence on productivity. But if you’re curious as to how this is so, then read on.

Here at In-Tec, our clients have confirmed that hiring us, a professional commercial cleaning service, has significantly improved their team’s productivity and motivation – and this is what we want for you!

Instead of having you or your staff worry about cleaning the office during their working hours, all they’ll have to worry about is making their morning coffee and getting to work!

A clean workspace can motivate your staff and move your business forward. Here are 5 ways cleanliness can make a difference on you and your employees.

  • Reduces wasted time
  • Reduces stress
  • Boosts team morale and motivation 
  • Reduces the number of staff sick days
  • Improves employee retention rates 

A clean workspace reduces wasted time

Let’s imagine this:  

Scene: Monday 8:43am

[Gets out of car in workplace parking area - walks towards building entrance.]

Ah, Monday morning already. First up, meeting with the new client (fingers crossed), then the new State Manager. For once I wasn’t working on a presentation at the last minute. It’s all been done - I’ll just review my talking points, but really I’m all set.

Hang on, what’s that? Those fingerprints are still there? I know I pointed them out last week. Right on the front door - not a good look - I’ll have to get those taken care of, before I forget …

[Shoves front door open]

“Morning Nic, can you …”

“Oh, morning Chris ……”

[Nic, looking frustrated rushes past - cleaning cloth in hand]

“….. sorry, I’ve just gotta tidy up the meeting room. No-one cleared away after the Ops meeting on Friday and it’s a bit of a mess. Aren’t the cleaners meant to do it?”

Yes, they are - I’ll have to talk to them about that too.

“Okay, well, I guess I’ll help set up - have you got the cups and everything?”

“No, I haven’t. They also forgot to put the dishwasher on - the dirty stuff’s been sitting in there all weekend - it smelt really bad. I’ve put it on, but we’ll have to wait until it’s finished.”

“I don’t think there’s enough time for that. Now I’ll have to hand wash some.”

“I’ve been trying to find something to use for the carpet. Do we have a vacuum cleaner or dustpan somewhere?”

“Umm …. out in the warehouse .… I think. You go check there, and I’ll wash the cups.…”

- and there was something else, wasn’t there? Ummm, I can’t think right now, what was it again? Oh gosh, what’s the time? What was it? ……………That’s it, fingerprints on the front door. I know there’s some glass cleaner under the sink….

[Heads towards kitchen]

“Morning Chris ….”

“Morning Jordan.”

“Oh Chris, just wanted to let you know, the cleaners didn’t do a great job in the toilets, there’s water marks all over the hand basins and on the floor, and they haven’t refilled the hand soap. You’ll have to have a word with them again.”


“Oh Chris, your nine o’clock has turned up!”

I feel sick. What are my talking points again?

Really, who needs these problems on a Monday morning, or any morning?

If you are paying a cleaning company to clean your workplace, then you shouldn’t be wasting time on this type of thing.

Instead, a good cleaning service, if asked, will ensure that the site is clean and all tasks have been completed before you come into work so your employees can get on with their day right away.

A commercial cleaning service can remove wasted time and improve your employee’s productivity from the moment they walk through the door. 

A clean workplace reduces stress

Let’s start this one off with another scenario.

Scene: Monday 8:43am

[Gets out of car in workplace parking area - walks towards building entrance.]

Ah, Monday morning already. First up, meeting with the new client (fingers crossed), then the new State Manager. At least I had a great weekend - for once I wasn’t working on a presentation at the last minute. It’s all been done - I’ll just review my talking points, clear my thoughts, but really I’m all set.

[Opens front door to office.]

“Morning Nic, nice weekend?”

“Yeah, thanks Chris, it was great. How was yours?”

“It was really nice, thanks. Is the meeting room ready?”

“Yes, I’ve switched the coffee machine on. There’s fresh water, and glasses and cups are all set up. I’ll just finish collating the folders and we’re good to go.”

“Awesome. Thanks for that, Nic.”

[Looks into meeting room]

Perfect, yep, we’re good to go.

Now, not having this outcome can be a very stressful situation for you. Whether you pause your morning plans and go fix all the things your employees mentioned, or call a commercial cleaning company to come in and do the job, your stress levels are to the max. And, you’ve already forgotten about the several other things you needed to do this morning.

Hiring a commercial cleaner will reduce stress in the workplace for both you and your employees. When you turn up to work in the morning, the office, kitchen, and bathroom will be cleaned ready for the day ahead.

At In-Tec, we believe it’s our responsibility to take care of all the cleaning needs in your workplace so that you or your staff don’t have to worry.

A clean workplace boosts team morale and motivation

When your staff members are working on meeting the goals of the business, would you rather they be optimistic or pessimistic?

A clean office plays a major role in ensuring that your employees are optimistic and motivated whilst at work. A clean, organised, and well-presented workplace will give your staff a space they are proud to work in which will reflect in the work they are producing. Your team will also be able to come together to complete duties efficiently. This is because a clean workspace instinctively represents responsibility.

As we know, if employees begin to lose enthusiasm, their quality of work begins to deteriorate, and no one wants this! That’s why it can be beneficial to keep the workplace clean, tidy, and hygienic – that’s where a commercial cleaning service comes in.

After all, a workplace with great team motivation and morale will always be the most productive.

A clean workplace reduces the number of staff sick days

Again, I know that you may have heard this type of thing before, but how is this actually possible? 

Well, did you know that the average desk can harbour over 10 million types of bacteria? This is why the use of safe and chemical-free cleaning solutions is imperative so as to minimise the spread of viruses and bacteria and thus keep sickness at bay. I can testify that with the use of a chemical-free system, like Tersano, a reduction in sick leave is easily achievable - no chemicals and a professional commercial cleaning company, a perfect match for your site?

We all know how tough the flu season can be. Once one employee calls in sick, a chain reaction begins that just seems endless. Who will be sick next? Are all the surfaces clean? What are we going to do about their work tasks?

All these thoughts that are running through your staff’s mind can throw off the whole team dynamic and productivity levels. But this is where a commercial cleaning company can help.

Here at In-Tec, high traffic areas such as door handles, and kitchen and bathroom surfaces are cleaned with clean microfibre cloths and the right cleaning solutions to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria from colleague to colleague.

A clean workspace improves employee retention rates

As we have all just come through COVID-19 and the disruption to our workplaces, I can easily give you examples of feedback we got from clients that were happy to have a clean workplace. The most important thing to them was their team being happy, which stems from having a clean workplace.

Of course, there can be many reasons why an employee leaves their job. It happens. But, you don’t want a dirty and untidy workplace to be the reason for their resignation. 

High employee turnaround rates not only result in a decrease in productivity but are also costly to a business. For instance, when one employee leaves, another one arrives. That’s usually how it works. Yet, your staff needs to train the new employee which can be a misuse of valuable time.  

Having a clean and hygienic workplace is essential for any business. A good commercial cleaning company will guarantee that all bathrooms, kitchens, and other common areas will be spotless so that your employees feel appreciated and won’t dread coming to work every day.

How would a cleaner office affect your workplace?

So, let me ask you a question. After reading through the article, what do you see as the main benefit of hiring a commercial cleaning company? If your answer is productivity, then you’re spot-on.

If a commercial cleaner is cleaning your site efficiently, they will positively enhance the satisfaction and happiness level of your team.

You’ll notice that the demeanour of your employees will change and that they will start to have a positive outlook on how their workplace looks.   

At In-Tec, we ensure that you don’t have to set aside your morning work plans to fix solutions to complaints you’re receiving from your employees. Most importantly, you don’t have to waste time worrying about whether your workplace is clean or not. Our job is to keep your workspace clean so that you don’t need to.

If you would like to learn more about why a commercial cleaning service is beneficial for your business, read our article 6 Reasons Why You Need a Commercial Cleaning Service.

Or, if you’re ready to take the next step, schedule a call with one of our helpful team members.


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