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Hiring Commercial Cleaners

6 Reasons Why You Need a Commercial Cleaning Service

July 7th, 2021 | 5 min. read

6 Reasons Why You Need a Commercial Cleaning Service

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Have you ever wondered how long common germs can survive on lifeless objects in the workplace? Brace yourself – it’s up to 7 days. 

Germs from the common cold and the dreaded flu can last up to 24 hours on surfaces. Then there’s the coronavirus with a survival time on surfaces between 1-7 days dependent on the surface type.

Now, just imagine how many people in your building have been touching the same surfaces over and over again. You might be wondering, “How many of them were sick?” “Did I touch those same surfaces?” “What happens if I get sick?” “Should I let someone know about this?”

It's natural to think about these things. We all do. This is why it’s essential to make sure everything we touch is clean.

As a commercial cleaning company for over 28 years, we know that germs (and virus protection) have always been on the minds of our customers. But with the coronavirus, the importance of commercial cleaning has indeed grown. That is why now more than ever, keeping the workplace clean is essential for the health of your employees.

So, today, we’re going to dive more deeply into what a commercial cleaning service does and the 6 reasons why they are beneficial to your business.

What does a commercial cleaning service do?

A commercial cleaning company trains their team to understand what to clean and when to clean it and importantly how to clean it. They are trained to recognise that if something isn’t dirty, then you can’t possibly clean it. What we mean by this is that when commercial cleaners enter a site, they analyse what is dirty and what isn’t. From this, they are able to use their time appropriately and clean what needs to be cleaned.

A commercial cleaning company also constantly keeps track of all the latest technologies and chemicals. This allows the cleaners to ensure they’re always using the best products available for you.

Now you may be asking, “so what buildings do they actually clean?” This can vary, however, most commercial cleaners cover offices, industrial complexes, retail stores, and schools.

How do commercial cleaners benefit businesses?

You often think of your workplace as your second home. Therefore, you want it to be clean and tidy. So, here are 6 reasons why you need a commercial cleaning service.

Everyone makes a mess

Naturally, we are all messy human beings. We spill things, we drop food, and leave scraps laying around. It’s impossible to prepare a meal without leaving a mess. Going to the toilet inherently makes a mess. That’s why commercial cleaners are vital to incorporate within your workplace. They will ensure that all the mess that is being made throughout the working day will be taken care of.

Health and wellbeing

A professional cleaning service can help stop germs, bacteria, and viruses from spreading around the workplace. After all, maintaining a clean area will keep illness from circulating amongst employees and also reduce the risk of workplace accidents. For instance, a slippery or sticky floor can be a recipe for workplace accidents.

cleaner microfibre cloth

Recent research has shown that a dirty workplace environment can harm employees’ mental and physical health. For example, having a dirty office can cause people to get sick on contact.

Did you know that people spend 90% of their time in enclosed spaces? Improvement in air quality also reduces the risk of provoking existing health problems as general indoor air pollution will decrease with consistent cleaning.

Making a good impression

It’s safe to say that we all continuously take notice of our surroundings. Imagine if your workplace is dirty or unorganised. People will notice, which in turn, could put them off. So, it’s imperative that your office or building is kept clean and tidy for your returning or future clients. A commercial cleaning service appreciates the importance of a spotless environment. Also, cleanliness is important in forming trust between yourself and your visitors. Would you rather your new clients come into the office to find a dirty and disorganised workspace or a pristine and hygienic workspace?

Professional cleaners know how to get the job done

What does professional mean? Well, it means that a particular individual and or organisation are engaged or qualified in a profession. This can be said for commercial cleaners. They have gone through all the relevant training to understand what needs to be cleaned and what doesn’t. Furthermore, they are familiar with all the professional-grade cleaning equipment and are constantly learning and training when new products come out.

IMOP Cleaner

Professional cleaners can apply best practices to guarantee that all surfaces are sanitised and germ-free. Commercial cleaners also recognise the importance of colour coding cloths. For example, keeping the kitchen cloth separate from the toilet cloth is vital in reducing cross-contamination.

What you should expect from a commercial cleaning service is a high quality of work and full in-depth cleaning.

Can work around your busy schedule – saves YOU time

Whether you’re after a during-hours cleaner or after-hours cleaner, commercial services can offer whatever fits best for you and your company. You get to choose the frequency of cleaning dependent on your employee numbers and foot traffic.

By being able to work around your busy schedule, workplace productivity will not be affected, and your staff will be able to stay focused on their work.

Improves the comfortability of your workplace environment

Wouldn’t it be great if all your employees were happy and content at work? Of course it would, and it is achievable. Employees will be happy and excited to come to work in a space that is kept clean and comfortable. Their day will start on a positive note which will, with no doubt, flow into their work productivity. Not only will your individual staff members become happier, but your staff’s morale as a group will increase.

How will a commercial cleaning service help me?

Now I know what you’re thinking. ‘I understand the importance of having a commercial cleaning service. It makes a lot of sense, and I agree. But right now, I just don’t have the ability to implement this.’ But here’s what will happen if you don’t act on this right now.

Your employees will be touching dirty surfaces. The toilets won’t be clean. The communal kitchen will be left a mess. And finally, your worst nightmare occurs. Some of your employees ring you the next day to inform you they are sick and won’t be coming to work. All because the office wasn’t kept clean and hygienic.

The most important information to take from all this is that a professional cleaning service can eliminate all these worries. They can ensure that you and your employees are healthy, comfortable, and productive in the workplace.

The team at In-Tec have over 28 years of experience in the Brisbane cleaning market and are ready to help you find the best commercial cleaning service. If you would like to talk to a cleaning company that values transparency and clarity, schedule a call with one of our helpful team members.

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