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Three Ways your Commercial Cleaner can Deliver Certainty

February 2nd, 2021 | 4 min. read

Three Ways your Commercial Cleaner can Deliver Certainty

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One of the most asked questions at In-Tec Commercial Cleaning Brisbane is 'how can I be sure that the cleaners will do what is expected?'.  When In-Tec was first founded, it wasn't easy to ensure with certainty that the service would be delivered, even if we did have systems in place to train, supervise, and recognise our team. 

Fast-forwarding to the modern-day, it's so much easier to train, supervise and communicate with our cleaners. We use a digital platform called FreshOps to ensure that the client will receive the expected service level. In-Tec Commercial Cleaning's transparency level makes us more traceable, allowing the client to always be aware of what we do, when we work, and the end result. 


To sum this up: We shouldn't leave a trace; however, we should be traceable.


Here are three ways your cleaner can deliver the standard you expect and desire.

1. Training

We need to address the most fundamental part of your cleaner delivering the expected service. One of the things In-Tec Commercial Cleaning has seen as being common in the industry is the lack of attention given to the support a cleaner needs to perform the task at hand. 

Co-founder of In-Tec Commercial Cleaning, Paul Schokker offers a real-world example from his time working as a cleaner in 1992 to highlight the support a cleaner needs: 

"I applied for a position as a part-time cleaner, cleaning a seven-story building, five nights a week, and I clearly remember the training I received. I met the supervisor at the site, and was shown into the building.


The extent of my training was to be told how to get in the building, where the cleaner's room was and where the lift was. The rest of the working out was up to me, and whilst I did figure it out eventually, a tenant approached me to tell me what I was not doing.


As a cleaner, I did my best, and I did figure the site out; however, I think you would agree that this is not the way any cleaner should be trained."

Paul is right, we need the training to do our job, and a cleaner is no different. Gone are the days of cleaning being a simple cloth and a spray bottle of cleaner; advances in technology have meant the cleaning industry has evolved. A cleaner is expected in today's world to know how to clean many different surfaces, know which chemical or solution is safe, be able to use sophisticated equipment, and now they need to use digital apps to ensure all tasks are completed confidentially. To ensure your cleaner can do everything and evolve with technology changes, a cleaner's training needs to be constant and ongoing.

2. Supervision

When we first started our business, supervising the cleaners meant a lot of time spent on site, physically checking things to ensure everything was as it should be. Of course, if the cleaner was trained as they should be, checking things was precautionary, but it was the only way.

Fast forward to today and things can be done more efficiently and productively. Of course, we still spend time on-site; however, with the use of digital platforms like FreshOps, we can ensure that at every clean the tasks the cleaner needs to perform have been done. We have QR Code and GPS tracking, tasks ticked as completed within the app, and even photos taken as proof a task has been completed.

Whilst this is a great tool to be used, the other benefit of a platform like this, the one that hardly gets any thought, is that the cleaner can be sure the job is done and take great pride in knowing this. We remember when things were done by a visit to a site and filling in a paper form, cleaners would be waiting for a call to let them know the job was done well. Now the cleaner can come to work, sign in, complete the tasks, sign out and be proud in knowing that the tasks set for them have been done to the best standard.

3. Support and recognition.

As mentioned above, one of the founders of In-Tec Commercial Cleaning, Paul, started as a cleaner, so we know first hand how hard our cleaning teams work every day to deliver the standard. We also know from experience that support and recognition is an appreciated thing. 

Again, the digital world makes this so much easier and more transparent. Whilst the digital app's main task is to ensure that the tasks are completed, it also has another purpose - to ensure the cleaner is supported. As a result, our digital app offers training videos to build on initial training, articles that may explain things in more detail, an extensive written and video library that the cleaner can use to further their skills, an open chat path to communicate with their supervisor, and of course, a way for us to pass on to the cleaner their progress. 

In closing, if you are wondering why your cleaners cannot seem to get things right, maybe the first question to ask is, 'are they trained, supervised or supported'? In most cases we have found that like most of us, the cleaner wants to do their job; however, without the necessary training, tools, and time it will be nearly impossible for them to do the job to the standard you expect.


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