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Periodical Cleaning

What is Periodical Cleaning?

October 19th, 2021 | 7 min. read

What is Periodical Cleaning?

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We can often be forgetful human beings. It happens to us all. And within the cleaning industry, we notice this happening all the time when it comes to periodical cleaning. These are the things that are taken care of on a periodical schedule, you know, every year or so. 

Take a look at your workplace.

Are the carpets stained in some areas? Have they been like that for some time? Is there discolouration in the tile grout lines? Are the tiles that are meant to be white in colour, grey and dirty?

The same can be said for your amenities walls, ceilings, etc, along with your building exterior. Do they look like they haven’t had a thorough/extensive clean for who knows how long?  

Of course, we know that every business can get messy and dirty from time to time. Whether it’s just wear and tear or accidents such as coffee spillages – it’s all inevitable.

This is where periodical cleaning comes in. Having a regular cleaning service is essential; however, periodic cleaning is another vital service that all businesses should include in their yearly scope of works (at a minimum).

But what actually is periodical cleaning and why do you need it?

Here at In-Tec, we’ve guided hundreds of clients through periodical cleaning and why it’s beneficial for any and every business so they can understand how it works – this is what we want for you!

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the following:

  • What periodicals mean in the cleaning industry,
  • What are some of the periodical cleaning tasks,
  • How often your periodicals should be done,
  • Why periodical cleaning should not be ignored, and
  • How to schedule periodical cleans.

What is periodical cleaning?

Periodical is a word that is frequently used/known in the cleaning industry.

Think of periodical cleaning like getting your car polished.

Every week we wash our car to keep it clean. We try to remove all the dirt, but it’s just not possible. Plus, the paint on our car can get a bit dull or lose its sheen. So, every now and then we decide to take our car to a car wash and detailing place. This is when the missed dust and dirt are taken care of, and the polishing of our car is performed.

This is considered a periodical. We don’t take our car to get polished all the time, but we do it when needed in order to maintain the car and make it look as new as possible.

Another periodical that we may not think about is getting our house washed or painted. You may not know this, but a good rule of thumb is that your house exterior should be thoroughly washed at least once a year. 

The same can be said for offices, workspaces, apartments, and warehourses. Whilst it’s always our intention to capture and remove all the dirt and dust during the regular cleaning of a site, we can’t capture it all. Often, we capture about 95% of the dirt which leaves 5% that we don’t. Again, it’s just not possible to get it all.

This is why periodicals are extremely important. They ensure that the 5% of dirt and dust we can’t capture at each clean, are addressed at the periodical cleans.

To put it simply, people are messy and dirty – that’s why we do periodicals. Having yearly periodicals makes sure that your site stays looking brand new.

An interesting thing said to me by someone years ago was: Humans are the only race on earth that need cleaners.

What cleaning tasks are included in periodicals?

So, what tasks are actually included in periodical cleaning?

At In-Tec, we generally perform the following periodicals:

Do you think your workplace might benefit from having these periodicals done? (Here’s a hint: all workplaces do!)

How often should you have periodicals done?

No one likes to hear the age-old response “it depends.” But in this case, it really does!

Generally, all worksites should have cleaning periodicals done yearly. However, we recommend that larger sites should be done every 6 months (some even three monthly), in order to keep up with the build-up of dust, dirt, and grime.  

For large sites especially, doing periodical cleans every 12 months involves a lot more work. It’s an extremely labour-intensive process because you are needing to clean 12 months’ worth of dirt. Whereas, if periodicals are done on a more regular basis, there’s less dirt to clean up – it’s a much simpler process.

Also, the cost to do periodicals every 3 or 6 months will actually work out to be the same as having them done every 12 months. In other words, you get your money’s worth!

Why shouldn’t you ignore periodical cleaning?

As you can probably tell already, periodicals are important for every workplace. No matter how big or small your site is. No matter how many employees you have. No matter what your business does.

Ignoring periodicals just compounds the problem. When they are missed or neglected, it can make it hard to maintain a high standard of cleanliness, presentation, and hygiene.

Let’s go through 4 scenarios that can happen when you don’t have periodicals done at the right time.

  1. One of the effects dirt can have on carpet is a sandpaper grinding effect. When people are constantly walking over the carpet, the dust particles that sit within the fibres rub against the carpet. This eventually frays and wears out the carpet.  

  2. You can run the risk of discoloured grout lines. Why? Well, traditional grout is cement-based which is highly porous. Imagine a sponge with many tiny holes in it, where each hole can trap any water or dirt that comes into contact. This is exactly what happens – the dirt gets stuck into the grout, and you simply can’t get it out.

  3. If you allow dirt and dust to build upon glass, and you get an untrained glass cleaner to come in, they typically won’t follow the right glass cleaning procedure. They won’t use the right amount of water to clean the glass which can result in the glass scratching.

  4. Inside offices can end up with ‘fogging’ on the glass doors and walls. What is ‘fogging?’ Well, air-conditioning systems have very fine particles of moisture in them. When this moisture sticks to the glass, floating dust sticks to it which can end in a very fine fogging look that can be obvious. (Hint: the best way to clean this is with a squeegee).  

An important point to mention is that the longer you ignore periodicals, the more they’ll cost you down the track.

How is periodical cleaning scheduled?

How can I schedule a periodical for my workplace? Can I just call up and book one? Or does it have to be in the contract/scope of works?

The majority of our clients schedule a periodical clean when need be. In other words, they ring us, let us know what they need, and ask for a quote. Generally, periodicals aren’t included in their scope of works.

Is there a benefit to having periodicals included in the scope of works?

Yes, there sure is! When periodicals are addressed in a structured manner (as in, in the scope of works), you know exactly how much you’re paying every time. You also don’t have to worry about calling and booking them in, they just happen! It’s definitely a much more stress-free solution.

Of course, if something happens at your workplace that requires periodical cleaning to be done ASAP, then we will organise a time to come in and fix the problem. For instance, if a client of ours has carpet cleaning scheduled 3 times a year, it is our responsibility throughout the term of the contract to keep their carpet clean. 

Along with the 3 arranged cleans, part of our service also covers accidents. If one of your employees were to drop their coffee on the carpet, it’s no extra cost to you for us to come in and spot clean it. All we require from you is to let us know when something like this happens so we can work out the best time to come in and conduct the clean. 

Oh, and maybe I should mention that it can generally end up costing you less. Imagine getting something done more regularly and it not costing as much! That sounds pretty good to me!  

Why your site needs periodical cleaning

Is a periodical a task you don’t want to think about?


Is a periodical a task you don’t want to pay for?


Is it something that you should have done (at least yearly)?

Of course!

Periodical cleaning is extremely important because it ensures your whole site is constantly kept clean, maintained, and stays looking brand new. You don’t want stained carpet, dirty discoloured tiles, foggy glass, or dirty amenities, do you?

If you're considering having periodical services done on your site but want to know how much it costs, read our article What is a 'Set And Forget' Commercial Cleaning Service and How Much Does it Cost?

Our team of skilled cleaners are taken through an extensive training process on periodical cleaning. If you’re looking for a commercial cleaning company that can do it all, schedule a call with us. No longer will you have to call in another cleaning company to book a periodical clean. No longer will you have to worry about your budget.

We’re here to help.

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