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There's a frequently overlooked key to your cleaning happiness. Curious?


Food production cleaning services that keep you compliant

Stay HACCP certified with full-service food manufacturing cleaning services. 

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All-in-one cleaning services you can rely on

Stop working with multiple suppliers to get the job done. Choose a cleaning company that's dedicated to servicing your business's unique cleaning needs.

One contact to call. One standard to rely on. One invoice.

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Check cleaning off the list

Don't risk failing a food health and safety inspection

Get a specialised cleaning plan that follows HACCP and GMP principles to reduce risk and contamination, all while giving you the peace of mind that your facility meets sanitation requirements. 

You can rest assured that your cleaning team will be equipped with the latest equipment, trained to understand your specific expectations, and paid the correct amount of time to clean your site.

Understanding HACCP

What is HACCP certification?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification is a globally recognised food safety system that is critical in the food industry, guaranteeing product safety, building consumer trust, strengthening supplier ties, and fulfilling regulatory standards.

We understand the importance of proper sanitation, which is why we are proudly HACCP certified and dedicated to providing cleaning services that are compliant with Australian sanitisation standards for food manufacturing companies. 

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Equipment and machinery

Top-notch cleaning results require top-notch equipment and machinery. That's why we partner with industry leaders to ensure our cleaning services are second to none. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our choice of trusted suppliers, including Wells, Vikan, and Elka.

Your satisfaction and the cleanliness of your food production space are our top priorities, and with In-Tec, you can trust that we have the tools and expertise to achieve them.

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Mitigate the risks of food contamination, backed by our satisfaction guarantee

Ready for a change?

Take these 3 simple steps

Don't settle for less. Get a specialised commercial cleaning plan tailored to the needs of your food manufacturing or food processing plant. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Your contracts are very clear about what you will deliver, which I've never seen from other cleaning companies.

So, clear expectations of what to expect, and consistency."

"I'm sorry I forgot to take out the Trash last week.

Thank you for your Hard Work!"


“Cleaners are the most 'taken for granted' people... when they are the most vital."

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Frequently asked questions

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Why do we specify Vikan equipment?

Does the equipment we use matter?

Are our cleaners trained? Are they employees or contractors?

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Food production cleaning services that serve you

With In-Tec, you’ll walk away knowing that:

  • Your site is always clean
  • Your cleaners understand food safety 
  • You have more time and less stress
  • Your plan is customised to meet your specific needs

Simply schedule a call and a member of our team will be in touch.

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Worry-free commercial cleaning tailored for your business

If you’re ready to stop micromanaging your cleaning suppliers, simply schedule a call and a member of our team will be in touch. 

We’ll make the process simple, but we also promise to be thorough and transparent.

Let’s Talk Cleaning.

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