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We believe that cleaning schools, colleges, early childhood centres, or any other educational facility is an important undertaking that should be taken seriously.

How We Help Your Business Stay Clean

Our team members are extensively trained and have excellent client communication methods at their disposal, as well as the ability to provide quick responses to feedback.

An ounce of prevention is always better than cure. The health and safety of children are of utmost importance in any school setting, so it is crucial to keep these spaces clean and tidy.

School hygiene and presentation is paramount and attaining these results should be efficient and extensive.

Undesirable infections such as flu or measles can spread faster in schools compared to other public places. A variety of health problems or issues that youngsters encounter stem from exposure to other sick people at school.

There’s more to cleaning classrooms than just wiping off dust, emptying trash bins, and making floors shine.

Not everything that looks clean with the naked eye is guaranteed clean, and specific processes should be performed to ensure that the cleaning is thorough and satisfactory.

Another important factor is the type of products being used to sanitise schools. There are many brands that promise effective results, but it’s important to ensure that cleaning products are not only effective in cleaning, but are safe to use and don’t cause harm to students and staff. 

Cleaning and disinfecting the facility is a top priority for an educational institution, an early childhood centre, a school, or any other place of learning.

With a good strategic approach, which includes the training, support and monitoring of the cleaning services and the use of effective, innovative and eco-friendly cleaning agents, cleaning any educational premises can be done productively and seamlessly.

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We Clean A Range Of Educational Facilities

Early Childhood Centres
Primary Schools
Secondary Schools
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We Provide An Outstanding Standard Of Cleaning

In-Tec Commercial Cleaning provides the highest levels of professionalism and service, assuring the same impressive performance every time. Our technicians exceed the industry standard in job performance, security clearances, expertise and courtesy. Using effective service operations, we continually strive to exceed client expectations, providing top tier services that align with HSE and environmental practices. 

  • All staff follow the Quality Assurance protocols

  • All staff undergo rigorous vetting and security checks

  • Meets HSE requirements

  • Use of only safe and approved cleaning solutions

  • 24-Hour Services

  • Cleaners are well trained and comprehensively supervised

  • Qualified services with Quality Assurance Accreditations

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In-Tec Commercial Cleaning

Working With In-Tec, You Are Investing In A High-Quality Service

Throughout our business’ two decades of operation, the cornerstone principles of In-Tec Commercial Cleaning have always been traceability, accountability and transparency. Working with In-Tec, you are investing in a high-quality service. 

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What our customers are saying


“We first contacted In-Tec around 25 years ago. In-Tec cleans our 750 sqm  commercial office space twice a week. Paul and the cleaning team are sticklers  for details which is something I appreciate. Our offices always look great and  things are kept neat and tidy.  You don’t keep the same cleaning company for 25 years without having  experienced excellent service from a business where you can deal with the  owners. The level of professionalism In-Tec delivers really speaks for itself.”    Shaun Reeves, Director, SRJ Walker Wayland

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While there’s no real “rule of thumb” as to how frequently you need to arrange commercial cleaning for your workplace, this guide looks at the following factors which are helpful to take into consideration:

  • Number of staff and clients/customers

  • Number of amenities

  • Size of your workplace

  • Type of business

  • Periodical cleaning tasks

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