Commercial Floor Cleaning Services Brisbane

Let us bring back the shine to the floors in your business

Think a mop and bucket is all it takes to keep your floors clean? Think again! Maintaining the appearance and safety of your building’s floor surfaces is serious business. It requires some specialised know-how and equipment. 

If the floors in your office, industrial or commercial property are looking a bit worse for wear, call in the pros at In-Tec Commercial Cleaning and we’ll take care of the rest. Our professionally trained cleaners can make any floor sparkle like new again. In our books, a floor is only shiny enough once you can see your reflection in it. 

We’re a family business with 20+ years experience, so we know a thing or two about floor cleaning. Talk to us today about arranging a no obligation site visit and tailored quote.

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Commercial floor cleaning FAQs

What types of floor cleaning services do you offer?

Floor strip and seal:

Vinyl, linoleum and tile floors all become scratched, dirty and dented over time and also lose their shine. A floor strip and seal (sometimes called a strip and wax), involves removing the existing layers of sealer and applying new coats in several layers to help make floors look new again.

A stripper solution is applied onto the floor to soften the seal or polish. The floor is then scrubbed to remove the old layers of sealer using a slow speed polisher machine with a stripping pad. The surface is then cleaned and dried, ready for the application of new layers of a high quality sealer. After applying multiple layers, the floor is then buffed to produce a high gloss finish.

Floor scrub and buff:

When a full strip and seal is not required or desired, we can instead do a thorough floor scrub and buff using a Polivac floor scrubbing machine. These machines effectively remove dirt, grime and stains. For concrete and industrial floors, we use high pressure cleaning machines to more easily remove stubborn staining across large areas. 

What types of floors do you clean?

Any type! Tiles, lino, vinyl, concrete, indoor floors, outdoor floors, industrial warehouse floors. You name it, we’ve got all the right equipment to clean it. 

How many layers of floor sealer do you apply?

If we’re doing a full strip and seal, we apply 4 coats of polish. Most cleaning companies will apply 1 – 2 coats. We feel that going the extra mile is well worth it. Applying extra coats of sealer helps to protect your floors and increases the length of time before needing to seal them again. It also creates a much deeper shine. As we mentioned above, our aim is to make your floors so shiny you can see yourself in them. 

How long does it take for my floors to dry after you have cleaned them?

If you’re just getting a floor scrub done, your floors will be dry almost immediately after we finish cleaning them. 

If you’re getting a full strip and seal done, it takes about 1 – 1.5 hours for the floors to dry. The polish we use is non-slip, so you don’t have to worry about your customers or employees slipping over on your newly sealed floors. 

When is the best time to arrange floor cleaning for my business?

The ideal time would be after your business has closed for the day and everyone has gone home. Our cleaning team can get the job done while no one else is around. Then the next day, one of our operations team members will meet with you to ensure the job has been completed to your satisfaction. 

However, if it’s just not possible to arrange cleaning after hours, we can do it during business hours for you. Just get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to sort something out. 

Can you also clean my carpets at the same time?

Absolutely. Click here to read about our carpet cleaning services.

What do I have to do to prepare my business for floor cleaning?

You don’t need to do too much. We can work around desks, chairs and other heavy furniture. We just ask that any personal and valuable items are moved up off the floor and out of the way. Same goes with boxes and chair mats.

How much do you charge for commercial floor cleaning?

To be able to provide you with an accurate and detailed quote, we first need to arrange a site visit with you at your premises. We’ll do a quick walk through, assess the condition of your flooring, get the size of each room, discuss cleaner access and then put together a tailored quote. This quote is completely obligation free and we don’t charge to come out and meet you. 

How long will my floors stay clean and shiny for after cleaning? 

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to this question! It really depends on how old your flooring is, what the floors are made from and how much foot traffic there is every day. We can give you an idea of how often you should be getting your floors cleaned during our no obligation site visit. 

How can I get my newly sealed floors to look shiny for as long as possible?

After a strip and seal, don’t use any cleaning chemicals on your floors for at least 24 hours, otherwise the seal will start to deteriorate. Just mop your floors with hot water.