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With over 25 years of experience, In-Tec Commercial Cleaning are leaders in commercial cleaning in Brisbane and South East Queensland.  

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How often should your workplace be cleaned?

While there’s no real “rule of thumb” as to how frequently you need to arrange commercial cleaning for your workplace, this guide looks at five factors to consider.

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Having more than 25 years of experience, our corporate brochure gives you an overview of our services, values, team members and also client testimonials.  


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“We first contacted In-Tec around 25 years ago. In-Tec cleans our 750 sqm  commercial office space twice a week. Paul and the cleaning team are sticklers  for details which is something I appreciate. Our offices always look great and  things are kept neat and tidy.  You don’t keep the same cleaning company for 25 years without having  experienced excellent service from a business where you can deal with the  owners. The level of professionalism In-Tec delivers really speaks for itself.”    Shaun Reeves, Director, SRJ Walker Wayland